"I’ve been going to Van Otis for many years. I like being able to pick and choose each piece of candy for each person I am purchasing treats for."

-Denis McMahon


Here's what some of our fans are saying about Van Otis. If you haven't been here, we encourage you to visit and find out for yourself!

history "I always visit van otis when I need a quality gift for someone-whether it’s for a each other, friend or family. I know I can count on their chocolates and all their goodies being fresh. The swiss fudge is excellent."
-Lisa Twitchell

"I remember the line snaking all the way down chestnut street to buy chocolates for Christmas, easter, and valentines day. Evangeline was always there, dressed to the nines, minding the store. Associates were great (and still are)! The best chocolate anywhere! And we’ve sampled around the world! May it continue!"
-Lynda Lubeluzyk

"Our easter trips to van otis for the most delicious easter bunnies for our children. The children could not wait for the lines to end so they could make their selections."
-Mary Deluca

"When I was a little girl my Memere loved Van Otis Chocolates & I received my first easter bunny at 11 years old from Van Otis. Bought easter bunnies here for my kids because I wanted them to appreciate good chocolate."
-Elise Rouleau

"My family has enjoyed Van Otis Chocolates in particular the Swiss Fudge, for decades. Holidays always include a bar of swiss fudge! The tradition continues in my family but the new location and factory tours certainly add to Van Otis charm."
-Denise Burton

"I use to live in Manchester. I moved to florida and Ive been going to van otis for 15 years. Ive never had bad service, everyone I have had have always been very helpful. W don’t have any van otis’s in florida so sometimes I will order online. Never had any problems, everything well packaged. Every year I go on vacation to NH I make it a point to go ot Van Otis."
-Arlene MacElman

"I’ve been going to Van Otis for many years. I like being able to pick and choose each piece of candy for each person I am purchasing treats for."
-Denis McMahon

" Van Otis means a quality product that I can depend on for gift purposes. Whenever I make a gift of Van Oits products I constantly hear from the recipient “oh! From Van Otis!!!” They are quite happy of Van Otis products."
-Euclid A Dupuis

“I brought my wife-It was her first trip to New Hampshire”
-Peter Zyla

“There are so many delicious things to buy!” “I’ve been a true lover of Swiss Fudge since you opened on Chestnut Street!”
-Dawn White

“ I have loved Van Otis since I was a child and love to try your new offerings” “I loved your strawberry tree-glad to see the old stand big and the new adventures always will be a faithful Van Otis customer!”
-Kathy Ivon

“The tour was informative and fun and the samples were very generous. I brought four friends for the tour and they said they enjoyed it also.”
-Louise Prescott

“Having samples helped us make the right decision” “ The staff was very helpful, friendly, and welcoming.” “ The staff greeted us with a smile and looked and found additional items for us” “ Great assortments, clean store, and helpful staff.”
-Karen Harringion

“ We had a very nice tour, Enjoyed the history lesson very much!”
-Vicky Dagresta

“I am a long time customer for 40+ years” “I love Van Otis Chocolates!”
- Gisele Cotnoir-Gagnon